Premium Earl Gray 100% Natural 100g

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  • Premium Earl Grey 100% Natural Black tea 100g is one of our favorite teas. We love everything natural, but couldn't find a completely natural Earl Grey that we can trust and share with our customers. Almost all Earl Grey available in the market is made of artificial flavors and tea leaves, which we don't believe it's good for our health. Then Premium Earl Grey was born!!-It's made of black tea and fresh Lemon. The unique property of this tea that sets apart from any other Earl Grey is, instead of artificial flavors, it is made of fresh lemon and better quality black tea. To get better aroma and taste, multiple rounds of aromatization process is conducted. The taste and aroma is fresh, refreshing, sweet and long lasting. It can be used for multiple brews and the aroma stays strong. The color of this tea is amber. When you open the packaging, your nose will be filled with the charming and beautiful aroma. A surely mouth watering tea you have to try! And until you try it, you will find, drinking tea can be such a wonderful thing;)

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