Gourmet Gift Teapot DUO and Blooming Tea 4 Cts

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This set includes one glass teapot DUO 16 oz and one pack of Premium Blooming tea 4 counts. Simple and functional, Teapot DUO 16 oz, purely mouth blown, comes with a stainless steel wire filter at the spout, 1 glass lid and 1 glass teapot body. 16-Ounce capacity is equivalent to 1.5 cups. Perfect for both blooming tea and loose leave teas. The glass teapot DUO is made of special lead free glass, which allows to pour in directly boiling water or iced cold water without breaking it. It's also dishwasher top rack safe. The special feature NON-DRIPPING makes tea drinking a more enjoyable experience. 5 Good reasons to purchase this teapot: 1. Use as teapot: great for either loose leave or blooming tea. It would be perfect for OFFICE use, students or home because it's simple, easy to clean and would not occupy a lot space. 2. Use as Kitchen liquid bottle: non-dripping feature avoid any messy kitchen, can be used as bottle for olive oil, vinegar, soy sauce or any thing liquid. 3. Use as flower vase. Simple, clean and elegant. 4. Use as Candle holder/Light because it's heat resistant 5. Use as home decor or party favors. Tea Beyond Premium Blooming Tea is made of premium grade hand-picked Silver Needle Green Tea with freshly dried flowers to create a unique and delicate taste, aroma and presentation. Ingredients-Premium Silver needle green tea, Peony, Carnation, Lily, Marigold, Jasmine and Globe Amaranth. Each bloom can have multiple steepings for up to 10 cups of tea! They also can be used for iced blooming tea, cocktails and exotic blooming tea punches. After drinking, they can be used as attractive home decor!


Tea Beyond won the 2009 World Tea Champion and is a AKA stamp recipient (Ashley Koff Approved).The AKA stamp of approval is a trusted sign that the product, menu, recipe or gadget has been evaluated and approved by Celebrity Registered Dietitian Ashley Koff to be better quality and a healthier choice. Tea Beyond believes Better quality tea for Better Health. All tea Beyond products are made of materials from nature, such as glass, stainless steel, tea, herbs, et. No plastic parts. No GMO. No Artificial flavors or artificial addictive added. Our glass tea-wares are made of 20% recycled glass, better for the environment.

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