Glass Tea Warmer Wave Fits For Medium To Large Teapots

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 Glass tea warmer Wave comes with one glass tea warmer body, one metal rack and one standard tea light. The wave dots on the warmer body represents energy and passion for life. This mouth blown glass tea warmer is made of special lead free glass material that can handle temperature shock. It fits for medium to large teapot such as Teapot Polo 45 oz, Love 34 oz and Harmony 50 oz.

Tea Beyond won the 2009 World Tea Champion and is a AKA stamp recipient (Ashley Koff Approved).The AKA stamp of approval is a trusted sign that the product, menu, recipe or gadget has been evaluated and approved by Celebrity Registered Dietitian Ashley Koff to be better quality and a healthier choice.  Tea Beyond believes Better quality tea for Better Health. All tea Beyond products are made of materials from nature, such as glass, stainless steel, tea, herbs, et. No plastic parts. No GMO. No Artificial flavors or artificial addictive added. Our glass tea-wares are made of 20% recycled glass, better for the environment.

Type: Teaware

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