Double Wall Glass Eco Tea Tumbler Stainless Steel

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    • MATERIALS-glass and stainless steel
    • STAINLESS STEEL INFUSER-Fits for most regular sized mugs. You can use it with your mugs if you like
    • DOUBLE WALL GLASS-Keeps your tea in perfect temperature!
    • LID CAN BE A COASTER-Once tea is ready, you can put the infuser on the lid (to hold the liquid)
  • This modern design double wall glass tumbler certainly attracts our eyes and get our heart as well! It come with 1 stainless steel strainer, glass top, double wall glass tumbler and 1 silicon band which helps avoid break the double glass wall. It's perfect for your office or home tea drinking routine. The good part is that the strainer fits most regular mugs. The special double wall feature helps keep your daily tea warm and fresh. The crystal clear glass allows you to see clearly when your perfect cuppa tea is ready, without over-brewing it. What's even better is that this glass tumbler is made of glass that is 20% recycled! Good for your healthy and good for the environment! Good choice, like we believe! Features Double wall glass Stainless Steel Strainer

Type: Teaware

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