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It's a true story! Tea Beyond is inspired by Jane's life experience. She had a short coffee drinking history because she could not find high quality teas in the US. Few months later, she was diagnosed of heart palpitation (pre stage). She decided to switch to tea completely and it's a life changing moment. Used to be hospitalized at least 2-3 months a year due to bad cold (indication of low in immune system) and heavily relied on anti-biotic medicine for recovery. Have tried so many different things, but saw little improvements. After she has been completely committed to green tea for few years, she sees the positive improvements in her health. She is a living proof that better health is possible with with right eating habit . Now she rarely takes medicine and stays energetic all the time!

Tea has been most cherished beverage by people for its health benefits. When she first decided to be committed to tea, she did not know what, how, when, where about teas. She then went to the most prestige Chinese Science Academy in China to study tea directly from the top tea scientists and tea gurus in tea industry and earned three professional tea certificates.

Grew up from a family that has strong Traditional Chinese Medicine background, Jane is also an active science and food lover. Everyone knows tea is good for health, but how to drink it to get the most benefits? Jane does tea testing often-what works, what doesn’t, how to pair tea with foods, how to brew tea to make it better, how much tea should we drink everyday etc. You can find her tea recipes, tips, and instructions under our Blog. Please follow us on twitter to keep updated on tea tips.

After working with customers for years and having her own daily tea brewing ritual, she found many issues with the current tea steeping products in the market-some teapots have defects in design; while other teapots just don’t have the style. To improve the whole tea drinking experience and brew a better cup of tea, Jane has created her own tea-ware lines which have been top rated on Amazon.
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