Fab Flowering Tea Jasmine 12 Cts

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 Steeping instruction How to steep blooming tea step by step 

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  • Fab flowering tea Jasmine is made of hand-plucked Silver needle green tea with freshly dried flowers. It comes with 12 blooming teas. It is processed with traditional method which generates robust long lasting jasmine aroma. Jasmine flowers are available after May each year. Tea artisans pluck the Jasmine buds in noon and afternoon only under sunny weather. At night, tea artisans create jasmine flower beds, covered with one layer of green tea, then another layer of Jasmine buds. On top, cover with another layer of tea leaves. Mix the tea with Jasmine buds manually until evenly. Jasmine buds only open at night to release the beautiful aroma and dried tea leaves absorb it. The process continues until next day early morning. During this time, tea artisans need to flip over the mixture of tea and jasmine flowers few times to get better results. To get long lasting jasmine aroma, the same process needs to be repeated few times and each time, new fresh jasmine flowers are required. Also the more jasmine flowers used, the better aroma the final jasmine teas will have. Premium Jasmine tea requires multiple aromatization process and it is truly the love of labor. Jasmine tea is well known for its calming effect. Each bloom is hand sewed together by artists with details to provide the best presentation. All natural ingredients. Silver needle green tea is rich in antioxidants, providing great health benefits. Ingredients-Silver needle green tea whole leaf, jasmine and Globe Amaranth. Great for hot or iced blooming tea, cocktails and Exotic blooming tea punches. After drink, it can be used as a home decor. Calming, aromatic, rich in antioxidants; Jasmine is widely used in aroma therapy for its calming effects; Best for all purposes Use traditional jasmine tea manufacturing process to create the best and healthiest tea! Rich in antioxidants; All natural; Simple ingredients; Low caffeine content; Delicate taste No artificial ingredients and addictive added; Use silver needle green tea and freshly dried flowers to create beautiful presentation and healthy tea Hand crafted to create the best tea drinking experience

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