Yoga Flowering Tea Black Tea 12 Cts

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  • Yoga flowering tea is made of hand-plucked black tea with freshly dried flowers. It comes with 12 blooming teas.

  • Each bloom is hand sewed together by artists with details to provide the best presentation. All natural ingredients. 

  • Ingredients-Black tea, jasmine, lily, Globe Amaranth and marigold.

  •  Steeping instruction How to steep blooming tea step by step 

    Or link below

  • Brewing instruction: See our blog How to brew flowering tea
  • Great for hot or iced blooming tea, cocktails and Exotic blooming tea punches. After drink, it can be used as a home decor. 

  • All natural; Simple ingredients; Low caffeine content; Delicate taste No artificial ingredients and addictive added;

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