Tea 101 How to use tea pot step by step: Tutorial

We have customers telling us that they have Tea Beyond teapots. It's beautiful and stylish, but they don't know how to fully take advantage of the beautiful gift! This reminds me when I first time went to a coffee shop, I saw a big varieties of coffee pots, but couldn't figure out how to use it. And my question was exactly like this-how do you use these pots to brew coffee?? This blog is created to address concerns like this-how to use glass teapots to steep tea. 

Glass teapot is really new to the market. Before, china, clay, or metal teapots were widely used to steep tea world wide. It wasn't until Corning created heat resistant glass in early 20 centuries, glass cookware started becoming popular. 

We wrote a blog about glass teapots. Here's the link:

Tea 101 14 things you need to know about clear glass tea pot

Teapot Components:

  • Lid- helps the heat stay in teapot

  • Strainer/infuser: keep tea leaves organized while steeping. Also avoid tea leaves poured into tea cups. 

  • Teapot body-hold the liquid and keep it warm.

How to use glass teapots to steep tea step by step

Tea 101 How to use teapot step by step

1. (Optional) Rinse your teapot with warm water before use. Warming up teapot helps tea steep faster. 

2. Add tea leaves or tea bags in strainer/infuser.

3. Pour hot water over tea leaves in strainer/infuser. Cover the teapot with lid. Steep for few minutes to reach the desired strength.

4. When ready, you can either take the strainer out or keep the strainer in teapot. Then pour tea into cups. Make sure to use one hand to hold the lid (glass) to avoid dropping it while pouring tea.

How do you use your teapot? Please leave your comments below;)



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BrendaRai Brooks-Perry
BrendaRai Brooks-Perry

December 17, 2017

I purchased my teapot thru nomorerack.com 4 years ago. I have created a video review and would like to submit it to you. I am very happy with my teapot the Fab Flowering Tea Romeo Set. I made the Relaxation tea (Chrysanthemum, Global Amaranth, and Jasmine). While you may be expecting 5 stars, I must give 10 stars for the packaging, the presentation, the vacuum sealed buds, and the taste. I drank from the pot and I did not need sugar!!! Thank you for a wonderful product!

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