Tea 101 How to make Flowering tea cocktail step by step

how to make flowering tea cocktail tea recipe

I think most people think blooming tea (flowering tea, teabloom, tea balls, blossoming tea) is only for presentation. Actually that's one of the benefits of flowering tea. Blooming tea can also be used for cooking, cocktail or home decor. check our posts for more flowering tea ideas.

Tea 101 What is Flowering tea (blooming tea, tea blossom)

Tea 101 How to brew blooming tea (flower tea, tea flower, flowering tea, blossoming tea)

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Flowering Tea Punch For Mother's day (lightly alcoholic)

This cocktail is inspired by Long Island iced tea. It’s refreshing, fun and absolutely the killer for the night! Let the party begin!

Alcohol level-Medium

½ oz Triple sec
1/2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz light rum
1/2 oz Tequila
1-1/2 oz tea (1 blooming tea)
Splash of syrup
1 piece of lemon
Ice cubes


1. Brew 1 blooming tea (use 1.5 oz water for one bloom) for 10 minutes. Chill for use.
2. Pour the light rum, Tequila, Vodka, triple sec, syrup, blooming tea juice and lemon piece into a shaker with ice cubes.
3. Shake well and Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lemon.

how to make flowering tea cocktail ideas

Other alcohol related flowering tea ideas:

1. You need to steep flowering tea first to get the tea unfold. Let it cool down. Make sure the tea bloom is fully covered in water to avoid oxidization. 

2. Get a talk glass. Pour in your favorite cocktail (need to be transparent), wine (prefer white wine, or Rosé) or champion. Drop 1 tea bloom from step 1. Make sure the tea bloom is fully covered in wine. The tea can add some natural earthy flavor to your drink. 

Have you ever tried any flowering tea before? please leave comments below or contact INFO@TEABEYOND.COM for any questions. 

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