Tea 101 14 things you need to know about clear glass tea pot


I'm obsessed with teapots. One time I was video chatting with my friend who lives in England. She was so shocked when she saw me sipping tea directly from a teapot! Yes, I drink tea using a teapot, not cups;) 

I love all kinds of teapots and glass teapot is one of my favorites. Glass teapot was only available few decades later after Corning invented Pyrex glass. So glass teapot is a new game for tea industry.  People are used to teapots made of clay, china or porcelain. We started to design glass teapots when we found issues associated with current design sold in the market. Over years, many of our beloved customers have asked us many questions about glass teapots, so we decided to write a blog to answer those questions

1. Can handle temperature shock and is lead free

Glass material has a big variety, depends on what's used for. Most of other glass material can't handle temperature shock. The special glass material we use to make our teapots can handle sudden temperature change. In other words, when you pour boiling water directly in glass teapot (even if you take glass teapot directly out of refrigerator), it wont break. 

2. Special feature-Non drip spout

This is another special quality of glass teapot. Regular china or porcelain teapots have dripping issue. Our mouth blown glass teapot has a special design-non drip spout.  

3. Easy to see when your tea is ready

One of the benefits of glass teapot is you can see if your tea is ready by looking at the color of tea liquor. 

4. Transparent and crystal clear 

Glass has this very unique property that it's completely transparent. You can see everything in the teapot without lifting the lid. This special property provides the best way to present flowering tea

5. Easy to see how much water added and how much tea left, without removing the lid.

Other materials such as china or clay, you need to lift the lid to see if any tea left. When you pour tea, you need to make sure not too much water added. 

6. Better sanity control

For china or clay teapots, sometimes it's not easy to find out the hidden stains. For glass teapot, you don't have this issue. 

7. Keep tea warm for a bit shorter time as compared to china and clay teapots. 

Glass is semi-conductor while china and clay are decent insulator.


if you prefer hot tea, use glass teapots with a tea warmer. It can keep your tea warm for few hours, normally

8. Easy to clean stains on glass

Normally stains on glass is due to tea sitting in glass teapots for long time.

Tips-1)clean it right after use to avoid stains. 

2) Use baking powder with a little bit water to remove stains. It will look like new.

9. Glass strainer has slim cuts that are hard to clean.

14 things you need to know about clear glass tea pot how to clean glass strainer

All cuts on glass strainer are done by hands. They are slim cuts to filter tea leaves. 

Not all tea sold in the market come with whole leaves. Some tea are in much smaller pieces. Those smaller leaves can get stuck in the slim cuts easily.

Tips: The easiest way to remove the tea leaves from the slim cuts is to use dental floss.

a. Remove all the leaves from the glass strainer. Then place the strainer on table upside down. 

b. Put dental floss in cuts and slide it to remove tea debris.

c. rinse it right after 

10. why some glass teapots have narrow spouts?

This design is to help keep tea warm for longer time. If spouts are big, tea tents to cool down quickly

We do offer "spout-less" teapot such as Butterfly, Love, Fairy teapots. 

11. why glass teapots are made of thin glass?

Glass teapot is purposed designed with thin glass wall. We use our teapot for hot tea, cold tea, sweet tea etc. When temperature goes from room temperature to water boiling points, glass will expand quickly. To avoid explosion or breaking it, it requires temperature distributed in glass quickly and evenly. Thin glass wall allows temperature distributed quickly and evenly. We all know when we pour hot water in beer mug, it will break immediately because temperature distributed not evenly in glass. 

Give our delicate teapots a little more care then;), like the way you treat wine glasses. 

12.  Glass teapots can be multi-functional

You can use Tea Beyond glass teapots for many other things, such as oil dispenser, Vase for the living room, etc. 

 13. How about stove top, oven and microwave use?

Technically speaking, the glass material used to make our glass teapots can handle the heat from stove top, (of course, with water in teapot), but because design doesn't fit stop top direct use, we do NOT recommend stove top use directly. 

Yes, all our glass teapots can be used in oven directly. Remember to use kitchen glove when taking them out from oven;)

As for Microwave, only those with all glass parts can be used in microwave. please follow the instruction on label for this one. 

14. Glass lid seems loose

This design is to avoid creating vacuum between lid and strainer or teapot body. Otherwise, it will be hard to remove the lid or pour tea. 

Tip-One thing you can do to avoid dropping the lid is to use fishing wire to tie the lid with the teapot handle. We do this all the time when we do trade shows and we never have any broken lids.

If you have any questions about glass tea-wares, please leave your comments below. We will try to answer your questions in our blog. 

Customer Service
Customer Service


10 Responses

Tea Beyond
Tea Beyond

April 05, 2018

We recommend you finish your tea on the daily basis. This is the best way to get the antioxidants from tea. Freshness of your tea is the key!

If you can’t finish it in one day, please put your tea in refridge for max 2 days.

Let me know if any other questions INFO@TEABEYOND.COM

Tea Beyond
Tea Beyond

April 05, 2018

The glass teapots we sell are made of special heat resistant glass which can handle temperature shock. So you can use all kinds of candles with your tea warmer.

Let me know if any other questions INFO@teabeyond.com


April 01, 2018

How long can you keep tea in a glass tea pot-over night?


January 17, 2018

Is there a special candle for heating my glass teapot?

Carolyn Morrison
Carolyn Morrison

May 06, 2017

I currently have a stainless steel electric teapot, but can not remove all the hard water buildup – even with vinegar. Thinking of replacing with glass. Would I have fewer problems with cleaning? Starting to make tea taste bad too. Thanking you in advance for your help.

Tea Beyond
Tea Beyond

March 02, 2017

Maybe we should write a blog to describe how to steep tea in general. Here’s a quick procedure:
1. bring water (spring water is better) to boil. Let it sit for few minutes to allow cooling down a little bit
2. add tea to tea strainer
3. pour boiling water over tea. Steep for few minutes or until it reaches desired strength, depends on what kind of tea you drink.
4. pour tea over cups and wait until it’s ready to drink..

Tea Beyond
Tea Beyond

March 01, 2017

Great questions. I personally will not leave water over night for sanity reasons. One time I left tea in my thermal for over 2 days. I found something on the thermal wall….


February 16, 2017

How do I brew tea in my tea beyond glass pot?

patricia farner
patricia farner

December 25, 2016

unsure of where to pour water, place tea flower. in the teapot itself or the carafe with the slits. how much water do i start with. your instructions are not clear enough for me. I would like to use the gift sent to me for Christmas, and cannot wait to use it right.I


October 02, 2016

Can mildew or bacteria develop in clear glass teapot left on stove with residual water?

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