Simple Recipe Effortless Santa Hat Brownie in 2 minutes For Your Very Merry Christmas

Santa hat brownie for Christmas party

This is the BEST Monday for the whole year 2017!!! AND the ONLY Monday is filled with happiness, relaxation and ...brownie;)) There's still time for last minute desert, don't we? 
Inspired by Santa's hat brownie by Daisy's World, I quickly made this one!!!

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  • pre-baked brownie or buy a box of brownie box 
  • Strawberries
  • Yogar


1. Use cookie cutter to cut brownies in shapes you like or simply a circle. 

2. Spread some yogurt on top of brownie. Put a strawberry on top. Top with a bit more yogurt.  

Tea Pairing-Pu Erh, Black tea or Oolong! why? Because normally brownies are high in calories. Pu Erh and Oolong is famous for fat burning. Black tea works very well with sugary foods as well. 

I did make my very own brownie tho. 

how to make christmas brownie in 2 minutes


how to make Christmas brownie in 2 minutes


how to make Christmas brownie in 2 minutes


 how to make Christmas brownie in 2 minutes

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