Happy Chinese New Year 2016, the year of Monkey!!!

'happy Chinese new year 2016 the year of monkey monkey flower

Happy Monkey year my friends!!! Yep, the year of #monkey!! I remember when I was a teenager, bunch of friends always discussed about where our future leads to, personalities, etc, based upon Chinese Zodiac symbols and somehow we managed to find similarities we both shared cause we all were born in the same year!!! Have you had similar moment? That's just so cute!!;)

My mom just learned how to use #wechat, similar to an WhatsApp in the US. She forwarded me pictures of of Monkey flowers!! OMG! Aren't they adorable!!! These flowers are found in South America I believe.

 Chinese new year 2016 fish

Like most of Chinese families, my family always meet on the Chinese new year eve--eat, eat, eat!! Oh, another thing-watch TV! By tradition, we have 2 dinners-one, the heavy duty one, is around 6 pm. There are few must-have dishes: fish (means extra fortune) and meat balls (means family reunion, a happy and harmony family gathering). The second dinner would be around mid night-mainly dumplings and longevity noodles. 

 Chinese new year dumplings

chinese new year homemade dumplings2

By the way, do you know dumpling shape comes from an ancient money? Yep! Dumplings are in the shape of ancient Chinese money form! That's why we eat dumplings to celebrate new year-meaning you will get more fortune in 2016!!

dumpling shape

home made dumplings3


When I was young, I would go out with my gang to do firework! I grew up in a very cold area. I mean really COLD-easily below -20 degree for days!! and that's normal;) I would spit on the ground or a metal plate outside, then put firework on it. Immediately the spit would be frozen, to keep the firework staying still on the ground!!. It was a lot of fun!

Now, since we live in different countries, we just meet on Wechat instead! It's lots of fun!! Last night, my brother and sister in law started Red envelope game on Wechat-click on it as fast as you can. If you are late, you get no money;) I think I got 180!!

What do your family do to celebrate new year? Do you have any family tradition to share? 


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