Iced tea recipe: Iced Mint Green tea (sugar free, dairy free, 3 ingredients or less, Gluten free)

History is written by people who won the battles. In business, it's by successful business people.

At least it's democratically correct in the "iced tea" case. Actually iced tea is the only tea that is "native" to America, believe or not! Since June 10 is the National Iced Tea Day and the entire month of June is National Iced Tea Month, there’s no time like the present to write and drink more about iced tea!! 

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In the U.S. and England, intentionally cold teas date back at least to the early 1800s in the form of punches made from green tea and alcohol. As ice became less expensive and refrigeration was introduced into homes, iced tea became an increasingly popular beverage choice. Its heavily-sugared cousin, sweet tea, has been a Southern staple since at least 1879, when the first known recipe for sweet tea was published in a community cookbook in Virginia.
Iced tea was even sold at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, where iced tea and lemonade sales earned one enterprising vendor more than $2,000.
While Blechynden obviously cannot be credited with the invention of iced tea, he and his fellow tea sellers at the 1904 World’s Fair deserve kudos for bringing iced tea out of the kitchen and into the commercial market.
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  • Iced tea helps us monitor our body temperature in steaming hot weather. 
  • Mint, traditionally, is used to sooth the throat.
  • You do smell refreshing, including your burps!;)
  • Sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, 3 ingredients or less...The best quality iced green tea made in 10 minutes, easy and quick in summer time!
  • Fresh ingredients offer the best health benefits!
Tea pairing-Green tea is the ingredient.

  • 2-1/2 cup fresh mint sprigs
  • 9 cups freshly brewed green tea (strong)
  • 16-1/2 cup ice cubes
  • Optional-stevia or honey
  • extra fresh mint sprigs for garnish

1. Brew 9 cups of strong green tea. Make sure to add the fresh mint sprigs to the green tea to brew together, roughly 10 minutes.
2. Add the ice cubes to a big pitcher, then pour the mint green tea, without leaves, over the ice cubes.
3. Add extra mint sprigs to the pitcher to add some green look and flavor!
4. when serving, garnish with mint sprigs-looks and smells very refreshing!

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