Tea Hack-How to make an easy water filter refill BPA free

What water you use to brew your tea or coffee every day? Tab water, spring water, filtered water, distilled water? Or glacier water, water from Mars?
In old times, people believed water from heaven was superb quality cause it was from god, so they would use a big bucket to collect rain and snow to brew tea. They were right, at that time, when no airplanes flying in the sky. Have you heard of blue ice from airplane? Yeah, from the same heaven!

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I surely drink tea daily and my water is as the same important as my tea quality! Why your tea doesn’t always taste right? Check your water! Water is the dissolvant that brings all flavors out of tea leaves. Spring water is my favorite so far. 

Since I drink a LOT of tea daily, it now becomes an issue, for my wallet. I have to fix it. I bought so many different brand water filters. Either it’s not easy to install, or too costly to change the filter. I search on the web to find a better solution. There are multiple videos which show DIY water filter or water filter refill. That’s too high tech for me-I don’t have an electrical drill. And it’s not easy to get all old charcoals out through the little hole drilled.

 Or you can distill water this way (so cool! like some Kung Fu tools!)

Well, I think I found a better  and easier way-I went to Bed Bath and Beyond the other day. While searching for cheese clothes, I saw few spice bags! Voo la la! That’s the ah-ha moment! I spent $1.79 and bought 3 spice bags-muslin bags, purely natural, very easy to clean. And, most importantly, very inexpensive! Even if you throw away, it’s eco friendly. I bought one pound of organic activated carbon long time ago on Ebay, cost me something close to $10. I thought to use it to clean my air. Now I think I have a better way to use it-make water filter refills.
Here’s how to make a really easy and inexpensive water filter refill:

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activated carbon, Water tank, 3 spice bags and tab water.

Table spoon


  1.   Open one muslin bag, use spoon to add some activated carbon to the muslin bag. Fill it until full. Then tighten the thread and make a knot. 
  2. Same way to fill the other two muslin bags. 
  3.  Drop all three muslin bags filled with activated carbon to the water tank. Fill with water then wait few hours. 

That’s it!
  • Savings! One pound of activated charcoals last close to half year or longer. No extra tools are needed to purchase. 
  •  Easy to clean: You can empty the muslin bags and clean then reuse. The material is NATURAL. You can choose the plastic water filter-no guarantee BPA free yo! 
  •  More efficient-I did the comparison test at my kitchen: the muslin bags filled with activated carbon work FASTER than the regular water filter cartridge 
  •  Easy to refill-no drills/tools/skills needed
  • Save time-muslin bags have much bigger opening thus it takes few seconds to fill and refill. No warm up and prep time needed.

  • Might have some carbon out-the activated carbon are very small and some might leak out into water. It doesn’t impact the taste of water, except appearance. Besides, it always stay at the bottom of the water tank. As long as you pour slowly, you wont get activated carbon in your cup. That’s the only thing I can think of.

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