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You are not the only one who senses the hot summer this year! But Panda knows his way to stay cool!!

Where did you go this Summer to cool off? I swim in my iced tea pool!! How does that sound? I think very cool!

Panda yoga

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Panda bear!! They are the cutest and totally adorable. The first time I saw Panda was when I visit the Beijing Zoo. 

The other day I read the news about Panda tea (yeah! it's called Panda tea) that is grown in where Panda lives. Someone is inspired by Panda's poo poo. People who raise panda don't want to waste Panda's waste. So they have a better idea of using the poo poo. And it's purely organic!! Never really tried Panda tea (quite expensive), but I think it must smell like bamboo!;)

Panda ice cubes

A panda walked into a bar and went up to the bartender and said: "I want a sandwich and a Coke please." The bartender took his order and the Panda went to sit down at a table. Soon, a waiter took over the meal, the Panda gobbled it up, thanked, tipped the waiter and paid his bill.
All seemed normal until the Panda pulled out a gun from the depths of his fur, pulled the trigger and BANG! shot the waiter dead.
The barman rushed over and said: "Argh!! You just shot my friend!!!" The Panda calmly replied: "Do you know what I am?" "Of Course I do," the barman answered, "you're a Panda!" "Good," the Panda replied, "now go home and look me up in the dictionary." And with that, the Panda walked out of the bar.
The barman was a little unsure, but he was very eager to be enlightened on the subject of his friend's murder, so he went home to find his dictionary and after a while he found 'panda' and quickly read the definition...
Panda: 1. Ailuropoda melanoleuca, A black and white bear native to China. Eats shoots and leaves.

jane london
jane london


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