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I went to a tea house in Shanghai and spent some time with the owner Jasmine. She grew up in Southern China where she learned tea ceremony from her grandparents. Never went to any schools, she self taught herself everything in tea and became very good at it. Over 15 years, she has taught tea ceremony in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and China.
When we were enjoy cups after cups, Jasmine suddenly asked me, wait, you did not slurp??!!!

Oh yeah!! if you do not slurp when drinking tea, you are NOT serious about tea, period!! Not negotiable, folks!!

Slurping is believed a very bad social manner, probably by people from all over the world!! I slurped a lot when I was young, because I loved hot hot soup and noodles!! Does it sound familiar? The noise from slurping means Yummy Yummy!! And you certainly get attention from people around you when you slurp!! Good or bad? urhhhh....You will know the answer by looking at people's reaction!!
When Jasmine asked me that question, I started asking myself, why slurp?
Well, slurping is not exclusive in tea profession. Coffee folks slurp too when they do cuppa!! I found a very interesting video: Ask the Coffee Lab: Why Slurp?  by Green Mountains

 Just curious, who slurp the best?!! I like the first and the last ones!! I tried few times, could not make the complete slurping noise they made!! Clearly, I'm technically challenged!!

The video shows some interesting points:

1. help prevent saturation in your tongue
2. taste with nose
3. no contact with spoon
4. releases the oxygen underneath your tongue to allow better taste, etc... (is it right?)
5. coat the tongue with coffee
6. something related to oxygen

I also found some interesting answers from the web:


why do people slurp?


A.  Can't figure it out, it sounds like major combat surgery, diarrhea or some brain sucking alien movie... what's with it? (The Beijinger)

B.  Slurping food is natural. It allows you to quickly consume hot foods (like wontons or noodles in soup) without bothering with all that "blow on it" or "let it cool to a reasonable temperature" nonsense. Helps when you're ravenously hungry, I suppose.
You'd probably be slurping your soup, too, if you hadn't been taught as a kid that it makes an extremely obnoxious noise. (The Beijinger)

C. I love slurping the milk from breakfast cereal. I only stopped doing it when others are around because it drove my brother insane and he slapped the sh*t out of me when we were kids.
Slapping the sh*t out of people works! (The Beijinger)

Photo via fifteen cornwall

D. slurping makes some things taste better.don;t know why. I don;t want to hear other people do it, but If I do it, it's fine. (The Beijinger)

E. oh why do people snore while sleeping? (The Beijinger)

F. Slurp is the name of the spider but I believe that the underlying technology is built up from a "best of breed" hybrid spider technology, from Inktomi, AltaVista and AlltheWeb/Fast. 
G. It shows you enjoy the food.

H.  slurping indicates enthusiasm for a meal, but it is more like a practicality. Noodles are a little awkward to eat with chopsticks so it is just expected that you will make some noise! (Answers)
I. There are two reasons to slurp. The first is practical - slurping or breathing in while you are eating or drinking helps to cool down hot food and drinks.  It helps you taste more of your food (livejournal)

J. Slurp. That's the Sound of BlackBerry Going Down the Drain (About)

Does anybody know if wine experts or olive oil experts slurp when they cuppa??? HELP!

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