Tea 101 How Many Cups Of Tea Can I Drink Each Day?

how many cups of tea can I drink each day


It brought to my attention when someone told me that he drinks 3 cups of tea per day. He said, "you know, green tea has EGCG, good for you. The more the better, so that the EGCG, good guys, can kill all of the free radicals, the bad guys, in my body"...

That's right. Drinking tea makes me feel energetic every day. But how many cuppa should I drink per day? Does it matter?

The main factors determine how many cups of tea we drink include:

1. % of Polyphenols in tea (including EGCG): it accounts for roughly 20-30% of dried tea leaves in terms of weight.

2. % of alkaloid, such as caffeine, theophylline, etc. Accounts for roughly 3-5% of dried leaves

3. How much liquid should we drink per day.  In average, we should drink 1.5 to 2 liters of liquid per day to keep our body functioning and balanced.

Based upon my research, in average, we should take at least 2 liters (64 oz) liquid per day, including everything. Here's where I get my numbers: We lose liquid via breathing, sweating, and generating "nature wastes"(urine, bowel), roughly 2 liter (64 oz) per day. This should be how much liquid we need to take in order to keep the balance.  

Does it mean we have to drink 64 oz liquid per day? We have multiple ways to get it: Through Meals, such as vegetables (salads), meat, chicken, fish, soups and snack foods, such as fruits. This part accounts for roughly 1/3 of liquid we need.

The rest?....we get it from drinks, such as alcohol, wine, beer, coffee, tea, juices, etc. 

Based upon the statistics above, it's safe to say 2-5 cups of tea would be in the right range. If also depends on how strong your tea is steeped. If light, you can drink more. If strong (do not recommend it in general. I will discuss it in a separate article), 1-2 cups of tea can get your body activated in the morning.


How many cups of tea do you drink every day? please share in comments below.

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