10 things you don’t know about tea

 10 things you don't know about tea history of tea

  • According to International Tea Committee, China is the largest tea production country. Kenya is the largest tea exporter. United States is the 3rd largest tea importer worldwide, right after Russia and Pakistan.

 french botanist André Michaux

  • The first person who was credited to bringing the tea plant to the US is the French botanist, André Michaux. By mid 19th centuries, Dr. Junius Smith produced tea commercially in South Carolina. Later, Dr. Charles Shepard founded Pinehurst Tea Plantation in South Carolina, which is the Charleston Tea Plantation today. 

charleston tea plantation by world tea news

  • Turkish people consume close to 7 kg per person annually, ranked number 1 in the world. Average Britain consumes 4.30 kg tea per year, ranked number 3.
  • The tea plant is very sensitive to climate conditions and yet the countries where it is grown are among the most vulnerable to future climate change.
  • Tea For Two was the second most performed song of the 20th century, beaten only by Happy Birthday To You.

Ritz Charleston Afternoon tea in Hong Kong

  • The most expensive afternoon tea is served at Ritz Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong. You can spend up to $8888 for the whole afternoon tea ritual.
  • The London Tea Auction was an institution which lasted for 300 years. Tea was sold using the ‘by the candle’ system:  each bidding for tea lots went on until an inch of a candle had burnt away.

The London Tea Auction

  • Tea leaves are a natural way of keeping bugs away. It's simple-use slightly damp leaves to add the scent of tea to the areas you want to keep insect-free.
  • Women are like tea bags. They do not know how strong they are until they get into hot water. - Eleanor Roosevelt.
  • Tea has a long history of having positive impacts on cognitive function such as mental clarity and concentration. L-Theanine, found in tea, has positive impacts on mood. In Japan, L-Theanine is used to help people with depression.

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