Tea recipe: Flowering Tea Punch For Mother's day (lightly alcoholic)

Mother's day is about 2 weeks from today. Do you have any plan yet? I was watching a video Kardashian Makeup Transformation on youtube. You know, makeups would be an interesting idea for my mom, but I prefer something healthier, beautiful while I can share with all my family-then here's my plan: Flowering tea punch!!!

For a mother like no other!! Celebrate her love in a healthy way!

The recipe was inspired by the Punch story. In old times, sailors in the sea had nothing to do but mixed drinks with spices. Punch, which means 5, includes 5 elements-Bitter (TEA!), sour, sweet, weak and arrack. The original punch was alcohol based. I replaced alcohol with tea! Hey, we always want a healthier twist, do we?;)

 Our Lightly Alcoholic Flowering Tea Punch was born!!!

Taste profile: very refershing, very well balanced tastes, has the aftertaste of bitter, sweet, and sour, with nice fruity aroma, beautiful presentation!! THE BEST! Absolutely delicious!!

To make the drink healthier, I made a revision on the original Tea Punch recipe. Here's the reduced Sugar version:

Prepare time: 20 minutes, plus at least 3 hrs to chill

Yields: 20-24 servings (or approximately 96 oz)



6 oz Sugar (or adjust to taste)

2.5 cups of Apple Juice (unsweetened, from concentrate)

¼ cups of Lemon Juice (from concentrate)

2 cups of Grapefruit (from concentrate)

½ cups of Tequila

¼ cups of Vodka

4 Tea Beyond Fab Flowering tea blooms

6 cups of spring water

*Strawberry Ginger ale ice cubes


1. Boil spring water and get the sugar dissolved in hot water: Right before the water reaches boiling point, add sugar in and stir until completely dissolved.

2. Steep the tea: drop 4 Fab Flowering tea and steep for about 15 minutes.

3. Mix Apple Juice, Lemon, Grape Fruit, Tequila and Vodka in a punch bowl

4. 15 minutes later, mix all liquid together. Let blooming teas stay in the mixture.

5. Cover with the plastic wrap and put it in refrige to chill for about at least 3 hours.

6. When serve, float on Strawberry ice cubs in the punch bowl and serve!!


    *Strawberry ice cubs:

    Ingredients: Ginger ale and whole strawberries (or strawberry pieces)

    Fill the ice cube mold with ginger ale and add whole/sliced strawberries pieces to each cube. Freeze to use. Please allow roughly 1 day to process.

    Tips for preparation:

    1. Make sure to use very good branded ingredients to get the best results, such as apple juice, etc. Good quality ingredients always bring the high quality results!
    2. Alternatives for sugar: you can use honey, if you prefer, or Stevia. Volume might be different. Add it gradually and taste it.
    3. Avoid use water to make ice cubes-Water will dilute the drink. (see, I'm SMARTIE ^0*;))
    4. Strawberry Gingerale ice cubes: use Strawberries that come with green leaves for ice cubes. It creates nicer presentation in the beverage, also looks very fresh!
    5. Leave the blooming tea in the mixture: it creates nicer presentation, looks exotic and continues to release the tea flavor.


    This recipe is also good for family gathering, baby showers, etc. Share with me how you like to celebrate Mother's day by leaving comments below. 

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